Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Novelist is Better Than Ever

Novelist is an outstanding web site dedicated to works of fiction. It is a very useful tool which helps readers with that constant dilemma . . . What do I read next?

Recent changes to the site now make it more effective than ever. According to Ebscohost, the creators of the site, the redesign will “make searching more intuitive, reading recommendations easier to obtain, and allow quicker access to more content than ever.” Amongst the new features in the redesign is the ability to search by “appeal factors” such as genre, storyline, pace, tone, and writing style. Users will also have easier access to the “author read-alike” and “recommended reads” sections, which helps people figure out what to read next. To get to Novelist visit the libraries database page,, and click on Novelist. Novelist is password protected so the library username and password is required. Contact the reference desk at 432-1132 or for that information

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