Monday, August 16, 2010

Researching the History of your Home

In addition to its agricultural heritage, another way to understand the history of Londonderry is through its architecture. Londonderry is replete with old homes that tell stories of bygone times. For a list of homes in Londonderry over 100 years old, take a look at the report produced by the Londonderry Historic Properties Preservation Task Force available online at

Are you interested in researching the history of your home? Here are a few books that might help you get started:

690.837 GAR
Garvin, James L. A building history of northern New England. Hanover: University Press of New England, [2001].

728.37 GRE
Green, Betsy. Discovering the history of your house and your neighborhood
Santa Monica, CA: Santa Monica Press, [2002].

Survey of selected historic properties, Londonderry, New Hampshire: including a Londonderry town-wide area forum (Area BL) and 4 individual inventory forms. [1996].

If you would like to go beyond these books, here are some New Hampshire institutions that might be useful in your research:

New Hampshire State Library – Genealogy and NH History

New Hampshire State Archives

New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources

New Hampshire Historical Society

Rockingham County Registry of Deeds

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