Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Everything on the Web Can be Found Through Google

While Google can search about 1 trillion web pages it still has only scratched the surface. The "deep web" is comprised of all sorts of subscription databases such as Ebscohost and Proquest that Google and Yahoo don't find well if at all. There are many software developers studying the issue of how to crack the deep web but nothing appears to be ready for mass use. For the time being, one of the best ways to crack the deep web is through your library. Check out the story from the New York Times:

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Abe Lederman said...

I agree with the title of your post.

My company Deep Web Technologies has been making inroads into accessing the "deep web" through Federated Search. We can search the EBSCO databases and the ProQuest databases that you mention.

We've also developed a number of highly acclaimed public sites that search "deep web" databases. Sites include:,,, and