Thursday, October 27, 2011

Veterans' Day Bibliography

Every year on November 11th the Nation pays tribute to its veterans by observing Veterans Day. Originally known as Armistice Day to honor the veterans of World War I, the name of the holiday was changed in 1954 to acknowledge the service of American veterans of all wars. For more information on the history of Veterans Day visit the web site of the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Leach Library has an excellent collection of materials on the wars that America has fought in. Whether you are looking for a detailed history of a war or a novel that puts you in the boots of a soldier, we have something for you. Here are just a few items from the collection:

940.341 HOC
Hochschild, Adam. To end all wars: a story of loyalty and rebellion, 1914-1918. 2011.

940.53 BUR
Burleigh, Michael. Moral combat: good and evil in World War II. 2011.

959.704 MAR
Marlantes, Karl. What it is like to go to war. 2011.

355 GRA
Graser, William R. Story of the Nevins veterans. 2011.

973.71 SMI
Smith, Andrew F. Starving the South: how the North won the Civil War. 2011.

Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth. Broken promises: a novel of the Civil War. 2011

Shaara, Jeff. The final storm: a novel of the war in the Pacific. 2011.

O'Brien, Tim. The things they carried: a work of fiction. 1998.

Marlantes, Karl. Matterhorn: a novel of the Vietnam War. 2010.

Remarque, Erich Maria. All quiet on the western front. 1929.

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