Friday, September 2, 2011

New Science Fiction Titles

Why do so many people love science fiction? Perhaps because it takes us to places that allow us to explore and think about the world in a manner different from our everyday lives. Leach Library has an outstanding collection of science fiction novels. If you are interested in classics from such luminaries as HG Wells, Philip K Dick, or Isaac Asimov or more recent contributions from the likes of Orson Scott Card, the library has what you are looking for. The following are just a few of the most recent science fiction additions to the collection:

Allston, Aaron. Conviction. Del Rey/Ballantine Books, 2011.

Though forbidden to intervene in Jedi affairs, Luke is determined to keep history from being repeated. With his son, Ben, at his side, Luke sets out to unravel the shocking truth behind Jacen Solo's corruption and downfall. But the secrets he uncovers among the enigmatic Force mystics of the distant world Dorin may bring his quest--and life as he knows it--to a sudden end. And all the while, another Jedi Knight, consumed by the same madness as Jedi Knight Valin Horn, is headed for Coruscant on a fearsome mission that could doom the Jedi Order...and devastate the entire galaxy.

Bova, Ben. Leviathans of Jupiter. New York: Tor, 2011.

Several years after his Jupiter ocean exploration team is rescued by a native creature in an act that proved the species' intelligence, physicist Grant Archer prepares for a new expedition that is threatened by both the hostile environment of the giant planet and sabotaging humans.

Patenaude, Jeremy. Halo: the essential visual guide. New York: DK Pub, 2011.

Explore the locations, characters, creatures, vehicles, and weapons of the bestselling video game Halo in this all-encompassing essential guide.

Herbert, Brian and Anderson, Kevin J. Hellhole. New York: Tor, 2011.

On a colonized planet called Hellhole, defeated and exiled rebel General Tiber Adolphus continues his honorable opposition to the political scheming and selfish machinations of the Crown Jewel worlds and grandmotherly Diadem Michella Duchenet. Adolphus and his companions work in secret to undermine the royal space travel monopoly and form a coalition of Deep Zone planets.

MiƩville, China. Embassytown. New York: Del Rey/Ballantine Books, 2011.

Retaining a tenuous peace on a distant planet in the far future, humans and aliens work together through a mutually beneficial economic arrangement that is threatened by the arrival of a new group of humans that destabilizes the world's balance.

Wilson, Daniel H. Robopocalypse: a novel. New York: Doubleday, 2011.

Two decades into the future humans are battling for their very survival when a powerful AI computer goes rogue, and all the machines on earth rebel against their human controllers.

Anderson, Taylor. Distant thunders. New York: Roc, 2010.

Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy waits for his destroyer, the Walker, to be repaired after battling alongside their Lemurian allies to repel the savage Grik, and questions the loyalties Commodore Jenks who may be devoted those representing an even greater danger.

Haldeman, Joe. Starbound. New York: Ace Books, 2010.

While Earth prepares for battle, Carmen Dula and her crew travel to a distant solar system to attempt to forge a truce with a powerful race known as "The Others".

Nylund, Eric S. Halo: the fall of Reach. New York: Tor, 2010.

Before the Human-Covenant War engulfed Halo, the planet-colony Reach came under attack by the Covenant, and Earth's specially trained and augmented warriors, code-named SPARTANs, stood alone to fight for humanity's survival.

Hamilton, Peter F. The evolutionary void. New York: Ballantine Books, 2010.

Araminta becomes the target of a galaxywide search by a government agent seeking to prevent the pilgrimage of a cult into the heart of the Void, while Edeard, the Waterwalker, finds himself faced with powerful new enemies.

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