Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Health Care Issue: Information Resources

Over the next few weeks Americans will be debating the future of our health care system. What direction do you want to see our health care system take? Should it be completely overhauled, leave it as it is, or does the answer lie somewhere in-between? To stay informed, and sample the varying opinions on the issue, search the library databases Newsbank and Ebscohost. In addition to this check out these various books and web sites:

REF 361.1 HEA
Wexler, Barbara. The health care system. Detroit, MI: Thomson/Gale, [2009].

362.1042 REL
Relman, Arnold S. A second opinion : rescuing America's healthcare . 1st ed. New York: Public Affairs, [2007].

362.106 BRO
Brock, Fred. Health care on less than you think: the New York Times guide to getting affordable coverage. New York: Times Books, [2006].

362.109 COH
Cohn, Jonathan. Sick : the untold story of America's health care crisis--and the people who pay the price. New York: Harper Collins, [2007].

362.1 QUA
Quadagno, Jill S. One nation, uninsured : why the U.S. has no national health insurance. New York: Oxford University Press, [2005].

362.1 KOT
Kotlikoff, Laurence J. The healthcare fix : universal insurance for all
Americans. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, [2007].

362.104 DRA
Dranove, David. Code red : an economist explains how to revive the healthcare system without destroying it. Princeton University Press, [2008].

Internet Resources

News Organizations

New York Times Health Insurance Reform Topic Page:
News Hour with Jim Lehrer (PBS):
Washington Post:
Wall Street Journal:

Political Parties

Republican National Committee:
Democratic National Committee:

Interest Groups

American Medical Association:
Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform:

United States Government

Health Reform:

Think Tanks

Cato Institute:
Brookings Institution:
Economic Policy Institute:
Heritage Foundation:
Center for Responsive Politics:
Kaiser Family Foundation:

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