Monday, July 21, 2008

Get the Full Text of Consumer Reports Online for Free through Leach Library

Consumer Reports is easily one of the most heavily used magazines at the library. Did you know that in addition to our print subscription we have access to the full text of CR online through the EbscoHost database? To efficiently access CR articles through Ebsco it is best to do a "search within this publication" search. This type of search allows you to search exclusively within a single publication and will work with any journal in Ebsco, not just CR.

Here is how you do it:
1. From the libraries page listing our electronic database, click on Ebscohost.
2. Once you have logged in (username and password info is available at the reference desk), click on "All Ebsco resources for Leach Library."
3. Ebscohost has many databases. Select "Master File Premier" for Consumer Reports.
4. In the top left hand corner click on "Publications".
5. In the box directly under "Browsing : MasterFILE Premier -- Publications" type in "Consumer Reports" and click "Browse".
6. From the list generated click on "Consumer Reports".
7. At this point you will be on the publication detail page for CR. On the right hand side under "All Issues", you can find a specific issue by clicking on the date desired. This will expand the list to connect you to specific issues.
8. If you are interested in a topic and not looking for a specific issue click on "Search Within this Publication", directly above the all issues list.
9. At this point you will see "JN "Consumer Reports"" appear in the search box. Begin your search by including a subject (ex. microwave) with the word "and". An example search could be JN "Consumer Reports" and microwaves. Be sure to include the word "and" as you will get inferior results without including it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the reference desk staff at 432-1132.

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