Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Library Acquires Ayling’s “Revised Register” on CD

The library has recently acquired on CD The Revised Register of Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Rebellion by Augustus Ayling, an outstanding source for New Hampshire history and genealogy. Revised Register lists the names of every person who served in a New Hampshire regiment during the Civil War. This 1,400 page book is organized by regiment and includes a brief history of each regiment, a listing of their engagements, and an alphabetical list of each soldier in the regiment. The soldier entry includes the town they resided in, age, and the dates of their military service. It would also note if they were killed in action, deserted, or were a substitute. In addition to regimental histories, Revised Register is one of the bibles for New Hampshire Civil War era history and genealogy. If you are looking for New Hampshire military history prior to the Civil War check out Military History of New Hampshire 1623-1861 by Chandler E. Potter, which lists the names of thousands of people who served in the State Militia prior to the Civil War

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