Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun with Nonfiction: Spotlight on Urban Legends

An Urban legend is an often lurid story or anecdote that is based on hearsay and widely circulated as true. Amongst the classic stories are alligators in city sewers, the assailant in the backseat, and the microwaved pet. If you are looking for a different sort of “summer reading”, check out these interesting titles:

398.2 BRU
Brunvand, Jan Harold. Curses! Broiled again! New York: Norton, [1989].

398.2 HOL
Holt, David. Spiders in the hairdo : modern urban legends. Little Rock, AR: August House, [1999].

398.2 BE
Brunvand, Jan Harold. Be afraid, be very afraid : the book of scary urban legends. 1st ed. New York: Norton, [2004].

398.2 ZIM
Zimmerman, Keith and Zimmerman, Kent. Mythbusters : the explosive truth behind 30 of the most perplexing urban legends of all time. 1st ed. New York: Simon Spotlight Entertainment, [2005].

REF 398.2 URB
Smith, Paul. Urban legends : a collection of international tall tales and terrors. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, [2007].

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